Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Greenfinch Chicks

Here is the well hidden nest of a silver greenfinch, looking at the 3 chicks its seems likely they will all be Silvers too. Will look at ringing them after the weekend and once fledged they can learn to fly in the aviary.
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4 Greenfinch Chicks

We are lucky enough to have some more Greenfinch chicks hatched the last couple of days, tho as they are Avairy bred its had to be 100% sure of the parentage, it looks to be that we have 4 pied chicks in this nest, one hatched a day later than the others so is a little smaller but all in all they are doing well, the mother is so tame and protective and feeds her chicks well and in a few days time they can have leg rings popped on and continue to grow on.
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Last Wednesday at Hopfields for the Mobile library

I'm half way through the last week for the Welwyn Hatfield Mobile and its been a strange week, I've only seen 2 customers today, and doubt I will see many more. Its no wonder the service has been closed when so few people take advantage of its weekly visits. I will miss many of my customers and several has promised to come see me at the "Big Library" it won't be the same tho.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saterday nights

In my mind in so many ways my daughter Jo is still the same age as she is in this photograph age 5, but then on evenings like tonight when she kisses me goodnight when she leaves to go to the pub I am so proud of the woman she has grown to become.

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Waiting in line to get into the carpark at John Lewis, its very warm with the soft-top down, sitting in the sun listening to Apocolyptica and the worlds supposed to end today? Can't see it myself :-)
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Saterday morning and looking after the babies in the Avairy, with a range of chicks and ages this time of year a lot of time is spent making sure they are all safe and well. Kev was a star and cleaned out all the smaller cages yesterday and the chicks are doing well. We had 4 zebra finch chicks and a canary fledge today, its such a lovely thing to watch a bird learn to fly.
The girls have moved out to their sun rooms and are happily sunbathing or scratching around being chickens :-) a good handful of Meal-worms, corn and fine seed scattered in the runs keeps them happy for hours, they are such a funny bunch to watch, and 'appeny our chicken seeking asylum is happy on her own and she is also begging for treats, and todays treat is the veggies that where cooked when Kev made soup yesterday :-)
Its nice to sit on the deck in the sun and watch our little birdies enjoy the sun. The local Sparrow Hawk with its long yellow legs just drifted across the garden and starlings and sparrows scattered to the trees and hedges, safe to chirp another day.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carpet Sharks????

Heavens its Carpet Sharks

this is a wonderful story that I just had to share...the comments left by other readers after add to the feel good factor


My mobile library at Shoplands today
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Local weather looks promising till sunday

Thursday dawns bright and sunny

Woke this morning feeling tired and a little blue, but the sun in shinning and the sky is blue so that's going to make it a little easier to "get up and go" this morning.

I sat down to drink my tea and look at new facebook posts and who do I find but mt adorable daughter and her wonderful friend Helen smiling back out at me, and that has cheered me up a huge amount. I had to smile at the set of photos cos as the evening wore on the girls look a little less "polished" and much more like the little girls they used to be playing in the garden.

But now the working day is calling me so best get out of my dressing gown and into some clothes for work so I can spend the day sitting at Shoplands in the mobile wishing I was at home in the garden.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peter Scott's Library Blog: Library cuts damage the human psyche and threaten ...

Peter Scott's Library Blog: Library cuts damage the human psyche and threaten ...: "Broadcaster Mariella Frostrup has warned that widespread cuts to libraries threaten the very heart of what makes Britain a good place to li..."


Sunset Cottage, Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire
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Its Wednesday....

Well inflations just gone up yet again!.....and as a public sector worker my pay will continue to be frozen, and before anyone says "we" get it lucky they should think again! 20 days leave a year, no sick pay for the first 6 months employment then after that no sick pay for the first 2 days of each sickness. Oh and bank holidays? We work them. Overtime? We don't get it. As for Perks? None! I love my job I really do but I don't do it cos its "an easy ride" its just as tough as the private sector.....AND I have to deal with "enlightened" people telling me "I pay your wages!" while giving me abuse for the service I provide closing....I didn't choose for it to close, the politicians at county and national level made that decision not me :-(
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Make Dorset Buttons - CraftStylish

How to Make Dorset Buttons - CraftStylish

So come on then I want bright ideas as to what I can do with these buttons if I make some :-)
Just testing to see my posts from my blackberry work :-)
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Tuesdays over...

Finally got to the middle of the week and only 10 days to go before WGT will vanish from the roads forever. After 30+ years of having a mobile library the Welwyn Hatfield Area will have one no more, admittedly I get the chance to move on and hopefully to bigger things, but I will miss my borrowers and I know that some of them will miss me. Ive had a few lovely gifts to say thank you for the service I have provided and many of them have promised to come see me at the "Big Library"

On the "Birdie" front we have a few chicks chirping away in the aviary and they have music to listen to as Brad next door is practicing his drums.....Crazy Horses is coming from the garden

Crafting with VHS Tapes - CraftStylish

Crafting with VHS Tapes - CraftStylish

Vintage buttons necklace - CraftStylish

Vintage buttons necklace - CraftStylish

Gosh Its all so new where to start?

I thought I would give this a go as Facebook seems to be getting boring...always the same people moaning. I wanted somewhere I can just pop up snippets, photos and everyday things that make me smile