Saturday, May 21, 2011


Saterday morning and looking after the babies in the Avairy, with a range of chicks and ages this time of year a lot of time is spent making sure they are all safe and well. Kev was a star and cleaned out all the smaller cages yesterday and the chicks are doing well. We had 4 zebra finch chicks and a canary fledge today, its such a lovely thing to watch a bird learn to fly.
The girls have moved out to their sun rooms and are happily sunbathing or scratching around being chickens :-) a good handful of Meal-worms, corn and fine seed scattered in the runs keeps them happy for hours, they are such a funny bunch to watch, and 'appeny our chicken seeking asylum is happy on her own and she is also begging for treats, and todays treat is the veggies that where cooked when Kev made soup yesterday :-)
Its nice to sit on the deck in the sun and watch our little birdies enjoy the sun. The local Sparrow Hawk with its long yellow legs just drifted across the garden and starlings and sparrows scattered to the trees and hedges, safe to chirp another day.
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  1. Hi...thanks for popping by and making me think about Christmas lol
    l have a door hanger for hangs over the top of the door or fishing wire over the top is always a good way to hang a wreath
    Hugs Suz x