Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Its Wednesday....

Well inflations just gone up yet again!.....and as a public sector worker my pay will continue to be frozen, and before anyone says "we" get it lucky they should think again! 20 days leave a year, no sick pay for the first 6 months employment then after that no sick pay for the first 2 days of each sickness. Oh and bank holidays? We work them. Overtime? We don't get it. As for Perks? None! I love my job I really do but I don't do it cos its "an easy ride" its just as tough as the private sector.....AND I have to deal with "enlightened" people telling me "I pay your wages!" while giving me abuse for the service I provide closing....I didn't choose for it to close, the politicians at county and national level made that decision not me :-(
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